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Western Weddings

We offer a

Variety of Services

To help put the bridal couple at ease and allow them to enjoy the process.

We understand that couples may be at different stages before we meet, and we are prepared to provide support at any point.

So even though we have packages for the more common range of service, the best step is often for us first to meet.

We can then get a better understanding of your unique needs and then make suggestions accordingly.





Full Service

The platinum package is our all-inclusive and most popular wedding planning service.

It’s exactly as it sounds … absolutely everything you’ll need! This service is catered to busy couples who want their ideal wedding, but may not have the time to plan and execute their vision.

It includes helping the couple conceptualise and design the wedding, as well as coordinating all suppliers to ensure perfect execution.



The golden package is for the bride who is a little further along in the planning process.

You simply need expert support to design her perfect wedding and ensure perfect execution.

After all, it’s difficult for a bride to stand at the altar AND orchestrate the perfect wedding! We draw on our extensive experience to make sure you can focus on happily ever after.


Wedding Concierge Services

Venue Selection

Marquee Management

RSVP Management

These are additional services not included in either of the above packages, which may apply depending on the specific needs of the bridal couple.

We cannot wait to hear from you and

to start planning your wedding