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When Planning Traditional Weddings

It’s important that you understand that although weddings both traditional and western (white) are considered the same, because they are celebrations of a union, they cannot be approached the same when planning them.

Respect – it’s so important to respect the elders and family traditions and rituals.

Understanding – in order to ensure that rituals and traditions are carried out accordingly its very important to understand exactly what needs to be done, by who it needs to be done and what the requirements are.

Honesty –  due to the size and nature of traditional weddings its important to work with realistic scenarios rather than idealistic so that we can best prepare for the traditional wedding.

Standards – Even though it is a traditional wedding we feel that it shouldn’t be second-rate to the western wedding.

Staff – this is perhaps the most underrated item for traditional weddings. Most often clients may recommend that their cousins or siblings become the staff for the wedding, but this is difficult as they also want to attend and participate in the wedding festivities, which then makes it hard to manage them on the day proceedings.





Planning Service

Thorough couple consultation to evaluate the needs and wants of the couple for the wedding

Please note that Traditional wedding planning package books exclusivity of the extravaganza team for 2 days, but only one side of the family (either bride or groom).

The very same package can be made available for both sides of the family, please contact the extravaganza offices for more information.

Family consultation to better understand everything that needs to take place in terms of rituals and traditions for the specific family


Cover the Following Aspects

Customised wedding styling concept and design

Location evaluation (Home or at a venue)

Supplier procurement and management

Gift giving ceremony

Budget and payment schedule management

Planning and time management

Setup management

On the day management

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