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What does an

Extravaganza wedding cost?

It’s difficult to say exactly what your wedding will cost because so many factors come into play, mostly everything is really dependant on what you want, specifically.

Book a consultation with us where we can give you more accurate numbers based on your specific needs. But these are guidelines to consider:

Please note the NUMBER OF GUESTS greatly affects your budget!!

That being said here is a rough overview of what some typical expenses look like:

  • Extravaganza Wedding Planning services: R28500 – R60000
  • Venue Costs: R40000 – R70000
  • Marquee costs: R60000 – R120 000
  • Catering (in-house at venue): R300 – R500 per guest (canapés, starter, main dessert)
  • Catering Marquee (at home or onsite): R700 – R1500 per guest (canapés, starter, main dessert, catering equipment, staff)
  • Bar: R100 – R300 per guest
  • Wedding Dress (bought): R20000 – R60000
  • Wedding Dress (made): R15000 – R60000
  • Groom’s tailor-made suit: R10000 – R35000
  • Professional Wedding Photographer: R20000 – R40000
  • Professional Wedding Videographer: R20000 – R40000
  • Professional makeup artist: R700 – R1000 per face
  • Professional hair stylist: R400 – R700 per head (style dependent)
  • Marriage officer: R2000 – R4000
  • Decor and flowers – Ceremony: R10000 – R30000 ( gazebo draping/structure, flowers in front of gazebo; aisle, aisle decor, chairs, confetti, bouquets)
  • Cocktail hour – lounge and cocktail furniture, and shade: R10000 – R45000
  • Reception: R2000 – R5000 per table seating 10 ( tables, chairs, linen, baseplates, napkins, napkin detail, centrepiece including flowers and candles)
  • Flooring: R500 – R1000 per square meter
  • Lighting: R10000 – R30000
  • Cake: R4000 – R20000
  • Stationery: R5000 – R 40000 ( invitations, signage, seating charts, menus, programs, order of service, bars/ bar backs, serviettes etc)
  • Wedding DJ with sound equipment: R10000 – R20000
  • Band: R20 000 – R100 000
  • Guest favours: R20 – R500 per guest

* Include Travel and Accommodation where applicable. Labour, delivery and collection are also to be added to all costs. All mentioned pricing, is a rough estimate and is not a formal quotation.


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