What to expect

How we Work

1) Introduction and Orientation

This is where we meet with the couple to discuss their wedding in detail, we discuss what has already been done and which service best suits the couple and their wedding.

2) Commitment

We will prepare a basic design presentation, along with a contract which we will go through together.

The contract is only valid for 5 days after presentation.

The contract will confirm exactly what services will work best for the client considering what has been done (if anything), what we still need to do, budget and timelines.

3) Money Matters

The first step in the planning is figuring out how much the wedding of your dreams with cost and how we will be breaking up the spend of the budget. There are no set rules or percentages on how much your beautiful wedding gown should cost, or how much your floral and decor details will end up costing. Everything is custom designed and tailored by extravaganza for your wedding.

We will also need you to commit to a cash flow. Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s essential to understand how the money will be made available so that we can plan our journey in the most effective way to secure the best possible suppliers for your wedding. 

We are with you every step of the way, creating easy to understand budgets that have reminders and explaining all the decisions before any payments are made. 

4) Design

This is one of the fun parts of planning where we design all the elements of the wedding, stationery and basic attire accents, to full-on decor and floral layouts. We will explore guest experience focus areas, such as food presentations and entertainment.

The design is a process of dreaming big, being inspired, by current trends and classic, timeless elements. All the while crunching numbers and editing the dream until we are all deliriously happy with our end goal.

5) Supplier selection

When vetting suppliers, we consider the style and portfolio of that supplier, their reputation and for us, it’s important to look at the path of the career of that supplier. Of course, we love to work with suppliers that have worked with us in the past as they know our standard of excellence, but once in a while, we find new gems to work with who further grow our network. 

It’s vital that you meet most if not all the suppliers for your wedding, as we find it adds an extra layer of investment on the part of the supplier. The meetings are not always admin orientated, they take their form in tastings, fittings and mockups! FUN!!

The budget will always be a factor when finalising supplier selection.

6) Logistics

Once all suppliers have been selected, we will work hard with them on the logistics of the setup, the actual wedding and the breakdown of the wedding as a whole.

From the collection of your dress and suits, to placement of stationery. The erecting of marquees, floor plans, furniture placements and utility needs. All staff requirements, from cleaners and scullers, to waiters, barmen and additional setup hands. Mealtime schedules and photo schedules that are dictated by the sunset.

Everything you can imagine, we will have thought of, planned for and executed.

7) The wedding day

The truth of the matter is that the hard part is in the planning and the planning journey.

Because we are experts, the wedding days is more around hard labour, checks and balances, rather than high-level difficult problems.

We plan all our celebrations so that the day itself, is seamless on our part. Your only concern is to marry the love of your life and have a great time on one of the best days of your life.

We cannot wait to hear from you and

to start planning your wedding