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About Us

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We believe that each couple should enjoy planning the celebration of their happily-everafter.

Our aim to help our couples achieve just that. We customise our designs and approach according to your unique vision and circumstances. We then apply our expertise and experience to bring that vision to life.

We will settle for nothing less than perfect execution, because we believe that every wedding deserves to be an Extravaganza!





you don’t know what you don’t know​

We understand the complexities of planning a wedding, and pride ours in being experts in wedding planning.

The same way a doctor or a lawyer is an expert in their respective professions, we are experts at planning weddings.


No pressure LOL!

From the moment you get engaged ( congratulations by the way!!), you are making some big decisions and every decision affects the next one, everything is interdependent, right down to the smallest things.


The client is you – the bride and groom

We want to cater to your every need.

That being said we completely understand the dynamic of considering family suggestions and traditions and truly value all family support that our clients rely on throughout the wedding planning process.


An experience for all too enjoy

We also always ensure that we are catering to both the guest experience on the wedding day as well as the full realm of aesthetics for the wedding to get a great overall look and feel that is personalised for every couple.

Our Vast


Extravaganza Weddings is lead by the dynamic Ntombi Damane.

She has over 13 years experience in the industry, 7 of which are under her own company Extravaganza Weddings.

She has a built large network having worked at some prestigious wedding venues and also heading up an events department at FNB over the years. Ntombi is known to be extremely thorough and hands-on with all her clients and weddings, and ensuring every detail is executed in the best possible way.

Simply put, she ensures that every detail, whim and wish is executed in the best possible way. Her savvy business sense and quick thinking have been a saving grace and pillar for clients, suppliers and the extravaganza team.


Planning Process


Wedding design

The hard choices

Wedding execution


We offer a variety of services across the planning process, to help put the bridal couple at ease. We understand that couples may be at different stages before we meet, and we are prepared to provide support at any point.

We cannot wait to hear from you and

to start planning your wedding