Traditional Weddings

Its important that you understand that although weddings both traditional and western (white) are considered the same, because they are celebrations of a union, they cannot be approach the same when planning them.

When planning traditional weddings we value  the following:

Respect – its so important to respect the elders and family traditions and rituals

Understanding – in order to ensure that rituals and traditions are carried out accordingly its very important to understand exactly what needs to be done, by who it needs to be done ans what the requirements are

Honesty –  due to the size and nature of traditional weddings its important to work with realistic scenarios rather than idealistic so that we can best prepare for the traditional wedding.

Standards – Even though it is a traditional wedding we feel that it shouldn’t be second rate to the western wedding.

Staff – this is perhaps the most under rated item for traditional weddings. Most often clients may recommend that their cousins or siblings become the staff for the wedding, but this is difficult as they also want to attend and participate in the wedding festivities, which then makes it hard to manage the on the day proceedings.

Traditional wedding planning service:

Please note that Traditional wedding planning package books exclusivity of the extravaganza team for 2 days, but only one side of the family(either bride or groom).

The very same package can be made available for both sides of the family, please contact the extravaganza offices for more information.

Thorough couple consultation to evaluate the needs and wants of the couple for the wedding

Family consultation to better understand everything that needs to take place in terms of rituals and traditions for the specific family

Customized Wedding Styling Concept and Design

Once consultation has been done you this is what you can expect for your customized wedding concept design:

2 concept options for your wedding

You get 2 different mood /inspiration boards

You get a breakdown for both ambiance, guest experience and aesthetics

You get décor briefs that you can send to décor companies to get correct and thorough quotations back and it becomes easier for you to compare the quotations side by side

With your concept designs you will get an estimate(ball park figure of what you can expect to pay so that you can weigh up whether you are being charged realistically or not

With your concept designs you will also get recommendations on what would be cheaper to source yourself than get someone to do it for you

Designs usually take 7-10 working days due to research and put together a stellar product for our clients

Venue evaluation  at home or at a venue of the couple’s/family’s choice

Having a professional evaluate and compare venues for you ensure you make an informed decision about which venue you choose, also ensuring you have chosen the best possible value for money for your big day!

Venue options are recommended based on your consultations

Throughout venue evaluations that compare, catering, bar, venue aesthetics and how it contributes to the overall concept,efficiency, packages in terms of value for money, costs, accommodation, services.

Floor plan design and recommendations

Supplier Procurement and Management

Supplier procurement: Extravaganza will get you 3 quotes of each supplier and compare them side by side to ensure you make the best decision

Procurement also includes negotiation better rates and payment terms with the suppliers that only extent such luxuries to planners

Procurement also includes going through all the supplier contracts and highlighting any red flags that may be of concern before you sign on the dotted line

Management includes extravaganza sending out all briefs that suppliers need to quote on, and then cross checking all quotations to ensure you are being charged for the correct items

Management means that Extravaganza will arrange all meetings with the certain suppliers and manage all details that are needed per supplier.

Suppliers include


Proposing and Managing the floorplan

Confirming the service items such as infrastructure, flooring and setup and engineers certificate

Confirming staff requirements

Confirming bar requirements

Arranging all meetings with venue coordinator

Décor Styling – All décor vendors (furniture(tables, chairs, couches, stage), lighting, décor hire, flowers, lighting, draping, dancefloor, etc)

Extravaganza will design décor briefs that are sent to décor companies to get correct and thorough quotations back and it becomes easier for you to compare the quotations side by side

The truth is some times your look requires vases from Supplier A, Candle sticks from supplier B, flowers from supplier C, etc but you need someone to bring it all together. Extravaganza does this all for you. Individually sourcing all items to bring the concept design to fruition.

Matching and sourcing suppliers to the brief and budget requirements

Compare and evaluate all quotations

Arrange mockups, comparing and evaluating accordingly

Confirm all items

Confirm setup and collection logistics


Matching and sourcing suppliers to the brief and budget requirements
Assisting with designing of menu
Compare and evaluate all quotations
Arranging food tastings
Confirming menu
Confirming menu shopping list and  logistics thereof
Confirming on the day logistics

This is perhaps the most under rated item for any traditional wedding. extravaganza will ensure the following staff requirements are met:

Bar distibutors
Scullery staff (washing dishes and clearing waste
Waste disposal


Assisting with choosing cake design
Arranging cake tasting
Compare and evaluate all quotations
Confirming on the day logistics


Arrange all shopping appointments for Bridal gown, Groom suits and Bridal party attire
Arranging all fittings or alterations
Ensuring all accessories are bought and apt
Arranging all collections

DJ and Entertainment

Compare and evaluate all quotations
Sourcing all entertainment or musicians

Ensuring all equipment is up to date and in line with venue requirements
Ensuring choreographer and choreography rehearsals are managed and executed for “the Step”
Ensuring all the key songs are chosen
Arranging all on the day logistics

Photography and Videography

Compare and evaluate all different styles and matching suppliers the best suit the clients needs
Compare and evaluate all quotations or packages
Arranging E-shoot logistics and styling
Confirming on the day schedules and logistics
Confirming payment schedule and reminding you when payments are due and ensuring invoices are updates accordingly.

Hair and makeup

Compare and evaluate all different styles and matching suppliers the best suit the clients needs
Compare and evaluate all quotations or packages
Arranging trials

Ensuring touch up kits are confirmed
Creating getting ready schedules and on the day logistics

Gift Giving ceremony – umabo or similar events

Ensure the logistic of this are managed
Ensure that there is  enough space for this display

Budget and payment schedule Management

Ensuring that you are constantly updated with the budget changes and expenditures as and when suppliers are confirmed and payments are made

Keeping track of all payments made to suppliers  and reminding clients of all payments that need to be made

Negotiating payment terms with all suppliers, perhaps we cannot pay the 50% deposit at that moment, extravaganza can negotiate a smaller deposit  and payment plan on your behalf

Planning and Time Management

Designing a planning schedule that has all meetings, tastings, fittings, deadlines, payments, for all suppliers, bridal party and clients up until the wedding date.
This schedule is constantly updated and changes according to client diary.
Extravaganza sends constant reminders and updates of the schedule to ensure all planning activities are done timeously before the big day

Setup Management

Creating/proposing logistics schedule for all suppliers to ensure all suppliers who are interdependent are arranged to arrive at apt times to deliver their services.

Ensuring all suppliers receive setup schedule and confirm their times and services/products.

Taking into consideration the amount of time each task will take and ensuring that there is enough staff to complete the task on time. For example doing serviette detail, a simple bow takes 30 second each to put on. 30 seconds multiplied by 200 guest napkins, gives us 100 minutes of pure napkin detail if only one person is doing them. Extravaganza will ensure we arrange staff to do takes that take time do that  the entire  setup is completed on time.

Ensuring that all suppliers deliver exactly what service/product that was contracted by the client

Ensuring setup for ceremony, cocktail and reception is completed on time.

Extravaganza is present from start of setup on the day,  up until the ceremony starts.

On the day Management

Includes a consultation (when taken as a stand alone).

Contacts all suppliers as part of communication handover about 3 weeks before the wedding date (when taken as a stand alone).

Includes setup management, drafting, communicating and  confirming  setup schedule.

Managing all suppliers including   venue, photo, video, hair and makeup, DJ and entertainment throughout the day regarding timing schedule and any changes. For example if the ceremony starts an hour late, the kitchen needs to be informed, as does the MC, DJ and photo and video, perhaps we can discuss how we can catch up the schedule or in some instance overtime rates will have to be approved  and signed off.

Crisis management throughout the day.

Extravaganza leaves  when the dance floor opens.